Cargo Van Partitions – We stock and install products from the following manufacturers:

Adrian Steel


A bulkhead (partition) is one of the most practical van accessories you can purchase. A van bulkhead is a divider, located behind the driver. There are several excellent reasons to purchase a van bulkhead, including:

  • Safety: A van bulkhead is like a wall, separating you from the cargo area of your work van. If you haul heavy equipment or bulky tools, a bulkhead can offer protection to you and your passengers.
  • Noise Reduction Work vans can be noisy, especially in the cargo area where your tools are stored. A snug bulkhead keeps the noise in the back of your van, creating a quieter, more enjoyable ride.
  • Climate Control: Adrian Steel van bulkheads and partitions create a seal between the partition and the van sides. This creates a separate space for the driver that can be heated or cooled much quicker than a full size van interior.

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